Welcome to the Pense Berry Farm Blog


About Pense Berry Farms

On behalf of Pense Nursery Inc., we welcome you to our blog page. We would like to take the opportunity to introduce our business and provide you with information about our services.

Pense Berry Farm is a family owned and operated business that specializes in small fruit plants. Our plants include top-quality blackberries, raspberries, grapes, and more. How can you trust that our plants are top-notch? That is because we have three generations worth of experience.

Who Needs Our Plants

Are you a commercial planting operation? Businesses of any kind always need the best materials to provide quality products to their clients. Do not suffer from a bad business reputation because you have chosen to plant inferior stock.

Local farm fresh fruits are not highly-sought after. You do not have to be a giant corporation in order to provide quality produce. With our plants, you will be the talk of your local farmer’s market or restaurant supplier.

At-home gardeners can also purchase our plants to fill their garden with scrumptious fruit. What could be better than snacking on fresh fruit you grew yourself? Or freshly baked goods with delicious homemade fruit filling.

Reasons to Purchase Plants Wholesale

Why would you want to purchase your plants wholesale over simply going to the local garden center? The answer is simple, it will save you money. In today’s world, cutting cost in business and at-home is vital. Which is something that we at Pense Nursery Inc. understands and tries to aid others by still providing high-quality fruit plants.

Planting Tips

Another service we provide is what we call “fruit success”. We have a helpful guide that breaks down the climate and soil type and how to deal with weed problems among other tips. Be sure to check out our guide before ordering to save yourself time and money.

Quality Small Fruit Plants

Purchase your small fruit plants to save money while trusting that we will only send you top-tier plants. For any additional information about the variety of plants we sell, peruse our site.

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