How to Care for Your Fruit Plants in the Winter


Frost Bite

The winter weather is harsh on people but even worse to outside plants who go unprotected. Some plants are considered hardy and can handle some cold but not the frost. Freezing temperatures wreak havoc on your plants by causing damage and even killing your plants. When you are counting on them to produce in the springtime, this throws a huge wrench in your plans.

How to Protect Your Plants

Foremost, the placement of your plants can make all the difference. Tender plants should not be placed in an area where it is exposed to the elements or low spots where the cold settles. Instead, place it near a south or west-facing wall. The wall will act as a radiator of sorts as it absorbs heat during the day and releases it during the evening. Be sure to water the soil as the wet soil will hold heat better than dry soil.
Cover your plants in the evening to protect them from the frost. Drop cloths, old sheets, and plastic tarps work best for protecting plants during the night. Lay them over your plants but use stakes to keep the cover from touching your plants. Simply remove when the frost warning or snow is over. Low plantings can be covered in straw or mulch for a short period of time. If your plants are in separate containers, take them inside or place them closer together in a sheltered spot.
Plants are more resilient than we give them credit for, so do not overreact to any damage. Do not remove damage areas or dig up the plant when you first spot it. Wait until the weather warms up to see if new sprouts appear. Once you see new growth, remove the damaged parts of the plant.
Preventative measures include raising the height of the bed as frost collects in low areas. Or design a cold frame which are wood or brick walls placed around your plants and a storm window for the roof. If you are in need of one quickly, use bales of hay or straw to create a wall and add a window to the top.

Small Fruit Plants for Sale

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