Transferring a Potted Plant to the Garden


When Your Plant Outgrows Its Pot

Plants tend to grow very quickly and there comes a time when they need to be transferred from their container to the great outdoors. While your plants need the room to flourish, transplanting can be tricky due to the chances of transplant shock occurring. Here are a few tips to help you with your planting.

How to Transplant from Pot to Garden

Prior to taking your plant from pot to garden, you must first dig the hole in your garden. The size of the hole should be the same as the pot the plant is in when it comes to measuring the depth and wider than the pot. The reason for the latter is the benefits it holds for the plant, the wider the hole then the easier it will be for the plants to root.
Tap the side of the pot to loosen the soil and place your hand inside the pot to cup the bottom of the plant. Tip the pot so that the plant slides out then place into the hole. Smaller plants can be placed into the hole filled with soil and then watered. With bigger plants and shrubs, fill the hole with water then place the plant in the hole and fill with soil. Since the soil is soaked, there is no need for additional watering.

Mistakes to Avoid

Novice gardeners have asked if they can transfer their plant by leaving it in the cheap, thin plastic container that the plant comes in. The answer is no. Not only is it bad for the environment but hinders the growth and damages the roots.
When transplanting, be mindful of the tiny roots as they are the ones that do the most work. These roots are the ones that carry moisture and nutrients to the plant and if they are heavily damaged then the plant can go into shock.

Fruit Plants

Now that you know how to transplant like an expert, purchase your fruit plants at Pense Nursery, INC. We ship ready-to-transplant small fruit plants in time for your garden to flourish. For more information about the types of plants we have in stock, visit our site today.

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