Carrying for Blueberry Plants


Blueberry Plants

Blueberry plants are the most popular berry plants found in gardens because they are the perfect plant to grow in a small place. There are three varieties of blueberries; Highbush, Rabbiteye, and Southern Highbush. Many of the plants will produce fruit in their third year but will not fully produce until their sixth year. Only plants that have been properly cared for will thrive long enough to give fruit.

How to Care for a Blueberry Plant

Planting, pruning, and being on the lookout for pests and diseases will ensure your blueberry plants grow hardy.
• Soil will be the first aspect you need to take care of before you put the plants in the soil. Blueberries thrive in acidic soil rich in organic matter. The pH of the soil should range from 4.0 to 4.5.
• Plant blueberry plants in the early spring. If you are planting multiple plants, be sure to space them 4 feet apart in rows that are 9 feet apart.
• During the first two years of growth, blueberry plants simply require that you remove the flowers that appear. It will be tedious but your plants will grow much faster and bigger.
• In the fourth year, you will want to start pruning by removing branches that are dead, crossing, or weak.
• Birds are the biggest pest to blueberry plants. They are known to eat all of the blueberries that have ripened on the plant. Keep the birds at bay by using bird netting to encase your plants.
• Some common insects to look out for are the tip borer, cherry fruit worm, and the plum curculio. Look into treatments to ensure they are removed from your plants.
• Leaf disease and powdery mildew are two common types of diseases that affect plant life. Cures include planting in a well-ventilated area with full sun. Diseases are one reason why you should not plant the blueberries too close together.
• Always clean out any debris that may have landed in the plant bed and laying down mulch every year.

Blueberry Plants for Sale

If you are interested in purchasing blueberry plants for your garden then look to Pense Nursey Inc. We provide the healthy and hardy blueberry plants for your home garden. For additional information about the berry plants we supply, peruse our site.

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